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ECHO focuses on five areas of children’s health

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Pregnancy & Birth

How does a pregnant person’s environment before, during, and after pregnancy affect their health and the health of their babies?  Recent studies have looked at the different types of chemicals pregnant people are exposed to and how opioid use affects pregnancy.

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How does a child’s environment affect the way they breathe?  Some researchers are looking into the relationship between neighborhoods and the occurrence of asthma in children.

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Body Weight

How does a child’s environment impact their weight and nutrition?  Previous ECHO studies have explored how children’s body mass index (BMI) changed during the COVID-19 pandemic and after the adoption of a school meal program.

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Brain Development

How does a child’s environment affect how their brain develops?  Many of the ECHO studies are trying to understand what environmental factors could affect a child’s risk for autism-related traits or may contribute to behavior problems.

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Well Being

How does a child’s environment affect their overall well-being?  Some studies have looked into how the COVID-19 pandemic affected children’s health behaviors or how a child’s health condition influences their overall health and life satisfaction.

Researchers from UPenn and CHOP have joined together to support a NIH program called ECHO: Environmental influences on Child Health Outcomes.

Focus Areas
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